Lucy Mahaffey is an OU international studies junior, minoring in Spanish and Anthropology. When she was 12 she learned that there was modern day slavery (aka human trafficking) and that it ruins the lives of roughly 27-30 million children, women, and men! Plus the clothes you wear, chocolate you eat, and car you drive are directly connected! Eight years later, she is still going strong. She recently founded the OU conference Off the Market on human trafficking awareness featuring the keynote speaker and global expert Dr. Kevin Bales.  Currently she is spearheading a statewide research project with 60 Oklahoma educators on the effectiveness and accessibility of a high school human trafficking curriculum she created ( with a $10,000 grant. Ultimately, she hopes to go to graduate school, combat human trafficking in her lifetime, and eat lots of Ben & Jerry’s with her twin sister in her spare time.

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